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Introducing Fictioncrate 2.0


When we started Fictioncrate earlier this year, our aim was to disrupt the expensive book subscription box business. In our few months of operation and limited capital, we were able to attract so much love from our customers. Our prompt support and quirky T-shirts clearly made a difference.  Except for a good knowledge about books, we hardly knew business. We wanted to make a difference and we learnt along the way.

A few months into the operation, we asked ourselves “Did we succeed in our mission?”. And, the answer was Yes. Our strategy had made a lot of our competitors to reduce their prices and made them offer more value for money.

Fictioncrate was not a book subscription box business. It was a project to create a healthy, affordable book subscription box landscape.

Since we were satisfied the outcome of the project, we decided to move on.

We bid farewell to our book subscription business as we wanted to do something more. But, this time, what we took up is more exciting.

Instead of sending you books that are already in the market, we wanted to bring you something original. We wanted to bring out the talent of new and unknown authors by offering them a platform to showcase their work.

The result of this idea gave birth to Fictioncrate 2.0 – an online literary magazine. Our aim is to offer you exciting and original stories, for FREE.

Our first web issue is going to be out on January 2018.

With the beginning of our next journey, we request you to do what you’ve been doing to us all along. Show immense love and support.

See you soon with our first issue.



Team Fictioncrate


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