How I Found Back My Love for Reading

For the past 1.5 years, I have read like never before, devouring more than 10 books every month.

I used to start reading in the morning and in 1 or 2 days, I used to be finished with the book. I was always in some subscription list: local library and Kindle Unlimited.

But I got tired of it after February. Suddenly I was struggling to finish even a book per week and it kind of saddened me. So I sat one day in an aloof place and tried to think why was it? Is something wrong with me?

In a desperate attempt to solve the problem, I checked all the books I had read in the past year and it shocked me. I was reading the same genres and authors.

If it was Colleen Hoover, I read some 10 books of her. I read all 3 books by Ruta Sepetys, back-to-back. I read 4 books by Rainbow Rowell and 3 books by Sarah Dessen. I finished off by reading the Jhumpa Lahiri and Khaled Housseini. I read the whole of Chronicles of Narnia, A Song of Ice and Fire, and A Court of Thorns And Roses series (ACOWAR is out!! And it is AWESOME!!!).

A person reads so that he can widen his horizons by reading as many different books as possible. And I did the exact opposite — I narrowed down my horizon by reading similar, repetitive things. In order to salvage the situation, I asked a friend to lend me books. But I found that I still chose something similar to my previous books. (Someone else guilty here with me?)

I had to find a way out of the reading slack. But I couldn’t because everywhere I went to get a book, I was the one who chose. I had to find someone to choose for me and to compel me to read it. Searching on the internet, I found the Fictioncrate.

They promised to deliver a surprise book every month along with some goodies at a very affordable price. Since the book is a surprise, I get to venture out of my book genre comfort zone, and try something new. I have to admit, the temptation of using those gorgeous bookmarks along with a brand new book was too much to resist! Also, it didn’t hurt that I had paid for the book and was eagerly waiting for the crate to arrive for a fortnight.

In subscribing to the Fictioncrate, I put all my faith into the FC people to bring me out of my comfort zone and I was extremely pleased with the results. They sent me a book from the thriller genre called “The Woman in Cabin 10” by Ruth Ware. Needless to say, I am currently devouring the book at my top speed because it is oh-so-unputdownable!

So, whether you are a fresher at reading or a seasoned bookworm, I highly recommend you to subscribe to Fictioncrate, because they will challenge you and please you every single time! 🙂

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